We run letterpress workshops throughout the year aimed at providing an introduction in to the printing methods we use on a daily basis. Numbers are restricted to 4  per session so that each participant has access to a press for the whole day. Although letterpress is a skilled craft, our workshops make it easy for newcomers to get a taste of the ‘dark art’ by using simple machines that enable a relatively quick and satisfying result.

Pat also teaches one day courses at The Letterpress Collective in Bristol.

Sessions begin with a short demonstration of hand setting and inking before we run through the basics of how each machine operates. You will then be free to design and print posters or cards of your choosing using the wide variety of wood and hot-metal type that we have available. You will learn how to set type accurately in a setting-stick, lock up a forme, mix ink and apply it to a press. And, most importantly, you will learn the joy of seeing your creation come to life once it’s taken from the grippers. There are multiple variables in the printing process and you will be guided through the processes at each stage by an experienced printer.

Workshops run from 10 – 4.30 and cost £65. Please e-mail for booking details.

No upcoming workshops planned.

Participants are then free to take their posters home or make their fortunes selling them online.

Press booking

If you’d like to spend the day printing with colleagues on a company away day we can offer you the whole building to yourselves for a day. In this instance we can cater for up to 5 participants and are happy to use the day for a specific project you may have in mind.

Prices start from £345 per day

Nomadic Press

The Nomadic Press enables us to bring the printing to you. If you are organizing an event or festival and would like to have letterpress printed posters on-site then this is your answer. We have two Farley proofing presses and 15 cases of type & ornaments which can be transported in the van enabling everyone to have a go at printing and taking home their own poster creations.