Though we always prefer to print from wood and hot-metal type, there are instances where this is not possible and we need to print from plates. Plates are produced using zinc or magnesium which has been etched from digital artwork by exposure to a coated metal sheet (with photographic emulsion). We can then ink up and print from the raised surface. We often use this process to print artwork which has been sent by customers as it enables us to use any font or logo. When preparing artwork please ensure that there are no tones included and that all colours are specified as spot colour rather than CMYK. Multi-colour designs may need to be ‘trapped’ meaning that a bleed may need to be added to two colours sitting side by side.

We are happy to talk through any aspect of plate preparation but hope to cover some common questions below

How should I provide artwork?

We need files to be supplied as black and white PDF documents.

How can I supply colours to you?

We mix our inks to the Pantone matching system. Choose your colours from the uncoated range in the swatch booklet. If you do not have access to a pantone booklet we are happy to match to a colour supplied via post.

Can I have a quote?

In order to give you a cost estimate we will need the number of copies you’d like printed, the number of colours in your design and the stock of paper you’d like to use. We can advise and provide samples for any/all of these.

Can I print dark ink on to light paper?

We always recommend printing metallic colours on to dark papers as white/light coloured inks tend to produce a weak coverage due to their translucency. However some subtle effects can be gained using colours in this way and we are happy to supply colour proofs before printing.

Can I have a deep impression?

Yes, the indent of the final impression is up to you. However there may be ‘side effects’ of a very deep impression – for example, the impression may show through on the reverse of the paper or the paper may tear. When asked for a heavy impression we will print as deep as we can without compromising the character of the paper

Do I need to send my fonts to you with my artwork?

No – as long as your fonts to be converted to outlines.