The Whittington Press has three Monotype composition casters, two Super Casters and two Monotype keyboards, all operated by Neil Winter. The accuracy with which type is cast is critical in giving the right flavour to any work; squareness of type body, alignment of face, clarity of casting, closeness and regularity of word spacing, correct hyphenation are a few of the requirements the Monotype operator needs to coax from a machine of immense complexity and subtlety, achieved in part by the correct balance of machine speed, metal temperature, water cooling and compressed air supply. Once a job has been completed the type goes back in to the melting pot and the process of recasting begins, meaning that we are always printing from freshly cast type.

If you are interested in buying type, founts are available from the Whittington Press shop, and we are able to provide a type list of founts available.