Monotype Borders. (Module One, Two, Three & Four).

It is not easy to write an entertaining blog post about Monotype borders and their creative possibilities under various tabular layouts & colour combinations. So I’ll keep this brief…

These posters, 4 in total, have been created using 12-, 18- 24- & 36-point Monotype borders which are arranged to form 24 rectangles of 12 x 18 ems (with a 12-point gap throughout). Twenty separate Monotype units have been used and the prints vary from one another due to different colour combinations and slight variations in composition.

The borders are printed in three colours with the bottom rectangle rotating to the top on completion of each colour run meaning that each remaining rectangle moves down a section. I’ve used Figgins Sans Condensed (60-point) & Grotesque 9 (24-point) for the headings and Grotesque 215 & 216 for the identification chart.

In Modules One & Two a 12-point rule has replaced the white space which alters the pattern more than expected. When using rule to block a white space accurately I used the Rouse saw and bowler plain – if the cutting is a fraction out the whole effect is altered.

This is the early stages of investigation in to borders, the result of which will be a book. I’d welcome any feedback on the subject.

Printed on to 130gsm Zerkall Rosa in a small edition of 6 prints per module. The prints are available from:

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