I have used the ‘electricity danger’ warning sign as a starting point for both POWER CUT and MEGAVOLT which have been designed for the ‘VII Festival del Libro de artista y la pequeña edición 2014‘, a book fair in Barcelona whose topic this year is the absence of electricity.

The triangle is composed of 1-em border rule out of which emerges the arrow shape, created using a selection of 12-, 18- and 24-point Monotype borders.

The title has been set in the angular Stern typeface which was designed, cut and cast by Jim Rimmer (see Matrix 28 pp. 77-84) and the identification key has been hand-set in Grot 215. Each border unit has been identified by its serial number.

MEGAVOLT and POWER CUT are both printed on Fedrigoni Sirio Limone, come in an edition of 36 and measure 350mm x 500mm.
15 of each of these prints available in the shop:

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