In January I finished a new poster, Typeslotting, inspired by the Trainspotting poster which spent a good few years pinned to the wall in my bedroom. I found a full case of 42-point Goudy Modern in the Monotype room which has hardly been used there was just enough to finish the job, though as you’ll see near the end i had to improvise when running out of o’s. I chose Goudy Modern because it seems to me to be almost a bold face – Goudy says that it came about after ‘I put a proof of one of the larger point sizes (of Goudy Open) on my drawing board and filled in the “white line” solidly in ink . . . and thus procure another type which would complement the Open already made’. It stands out alongside the 20-line wood and I love the quirky ascenders and pregnant italic ampersands (swapped for Roman).

After originally printed black onto a cream white paper i was asked to reprint another 110 copies for the Fine Press Book Association’s journal Parenthesis 23. Having a tight deadline and realizing i was out of white stock i used this brown  saved from a previous job with silver ink and the result is as striking as the original if not more so. The orange is printed twice, firstly as an opaque white followed by the orange to ensure the colour is not lost against the dark paper.

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