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    Two week July Workshop

    For two weeks in early July we welcomed 13 students from the University of Western Hungary in Sopron through an Erasmus scheme. Though on their summer break, the students were warned that this was to be no holiday and we spent the first day discussing what was to be their project for the duration of their trip. Our goal was to produce a 16pp book with each student responsible for the composition of a single page using type (foundry Caslon strictly off-limits) or their own wood-engraving or linocut.

    The group brought with them examples of their work. It was refreshing to see that as graphic design students they were encouraged to draw, engrave, paint, and even worked in sculpture as part of their degree, and it wasn’t long before they headed down to B&Q to buy a multi-pack of lino floor tiles. The majority of the students were new to letterpress so the first week was spent learning the basics of typesetting and printing, with a short intro to the Monotype casters, and an array of cards and posters were produced before work on the book began in the second week.

    The book, titled SZIA (meaning Hi in English), is printed on to a mixture of Matrix Fine Laid, and Bugra Butten papers. It is imposed using wood-engravings, linocuts and wood & metal types in an edition of 23 copies.

    It was a fantastic fortnight and a pleasure to work with such a talented, enthusiastic and spirited group of young people. The press now feels very quiet . . . and I wish they had taught me how to cook a proper Kolbász!

    Presstival 2013

    The Whittington Press’ next Open Day, aka Presstival, will be on Saturday 7th September 2013 from 2 p.m. onwards. As usual it will coincide with the annual Whittington Summer Show, with all its many attractions including a dog show, the white elephant store and a welly-wanging competition.

    Nearby Whittington Court will be open to the public and the Press will be showing off its latest works including Matrix 31 and Posters from Whittington. In the Monotype room Neil Winter will be cranking up the supercaster in order to cast some 72-point Caslon Titling. Outside there will be usual array of printers, binders, marblers, wood-engravers and paper-makers, showing off the myriad skills that go into the production of a properly produced book. Whittington is 40 miles west of Oxford, 5 miles east of Cheltenham, just off the A40.

    Please click here to view the 2011 open day, colour photos by Sarah Dixon/Spider Shooter, black-and-whites by Karel Prokes of Avant Garde Letterpress in Prague.

    And click here to read the Counter Press’s blog from last years event.

    This year will feature all the usual suspects, including Hand & Eye, Typoretum & Dennis Gould as well as some new tables displaying the work of The Elrod Press, The Print Project and Peter Gauld’s New Basement Press.