Glory, Azure & Gold

It’s always a nerve-wracking moment when a book makes its first trip back to the press from the binders (how’s the inking/are the pages in the correct order) but it has been a joy to revisit the pages of Glory, Azure & Gold a book we printed for Reed Contemporary Books at the back end of 2015.

The book contains a selection of 12 stained-glass windows by Thomas Denny, each accompanied by an essay or poem, with photographs of the windows by James O. Davies and Rebecca Lane. It was a pleasure working with our pal Nick Hand on the design, where we used two of Eric Gill’s typefaces, Perpetua (for the body text) and Gill sans (titles), both set in Monotype at The Whittington Press.

The edition was bound by the Fine Book Bindery and printed in an edition of 125 copies, further details of which can be found here.



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