Nomad Letterpress was established by Pat Randle in 2011 in order to specialise in limited edition, fine press book work whilst harnessing the enormous creative potential of printing from lead and wood type. Nomad Letterpress is dedicated to continuing a tradition of fine letterpress printing, exemplified both by the high quality of work carried out for clients and in the training of a new generation of letterpress printers.

From the same building Pat’s father John runs The Whittington Press and Neil Winter operates Monotype casters, supplying letterpress printers with type and spacing material.

Printing presses:

Fag Swiss Proof 40 (maximum sheet size: 405 x 580mm)

Fag Swiss Proof 52 (520 x 720mm)

Western A-Bed (20″ x 28″)

Heidelberg Platen (10″ x 15″)

Heidelberg Cylinder SBB (photo, 22″ x 30″)

Farley (12″ x 18″)

Albion (14″ x 18″)